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In the course of our 24 years, Nita Ideas has been committed to women’s issues ranging from Ovarian Cancer research, Women In Need (WIN), and lung cancer research among numerous others. We believe it is life’s greatest affirmation to GIVE BACK.



In addition, we have been the reciepient of so many gracious accolades and heartfelt thanks that we are both humbled and enlivened.

GRATITUDE is the word

Nita Ideas - Giving and Getting

Nita Ideas Testimonials

If you’ve been a Nita customer and haven’t been to Asbury Park, why not? You don’t need a passport (promise). The ride is easy. Now is probably the best time since there’s no beach traffic. I can’t say the clothes are the same, I can say they are better. Call, get their hours, get in your car and go. Take your family (or not) and make an outing of the day. Spring really will be here and you need some new items. There’s no better place than Nita Ideas…

Linda Rosner

Dear Ms. Novy:

On behalf of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF), I wish to extend my sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you and everyone at Nita Ideas for your generous donation to our organization. We were so honored that you chose OCRF as a beneficiary of your fundraising event.

We are grateful to have dedicated supporters like you who bring us closer to our goals each and every day. Our efforts have already enabled us to advance cutting-edge research and raise awareness of ovarian cancer as never before. With your gift, we will continue to make a difference in women’s lives for years to come. Again, thank you for your support. We hope to work with you again in the future.

Jamie Boris
Executive Director


Apparently one of my staff has purchased at your boutique and received your “10th” announcement. Quite clever. Congratulations. I, like you, strongly support women’s issues and independence. I hope you will support my political efforts when they become national. As my younger staff members would say — “You go girl”.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Ms. Novy:

I am writing to express my personal thanks for the generous gift fromNita Ideas, Inc. to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. This gift will be used to support Breast Cancer Research. Gifts of this kind make a tremendous difference to us. Without substantial philanthropic support, the steady progress that we have witnessed in recent years would not have been possible.

Recent advances in understanding the nature of cancer promise to lead us to new and important improvements in patient care, prevention, and early detection. The next few years will be an exciting time for all of us who have pledged our efforts to the progressive control and ultimate cure of cancer.

Once again, let me express my deep gratitude for this generous gift.

Robert G. Wilkens, Jr.
Vice President


Nita Ideas - Fan Mail


Dear Nita,

Thank you so much for all that you contributed in making this show the success it was. You are extremely creative and a delightful person and I am so glad I had the chance to get to know you. Your models looked incredible – and so did you. Thank you for all the time, talent and effort you gave to this event.


To All the WONDERFUL ladies at Nita Ideas,

Thank you Thank you Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

My outfit was so beautiful that people kept coming to me to say how outstanding and “Beautiful” I looked!! In a million years, I would never be able to get so many compliments!!! It made for the happiest day in my life and I still can’t stop smiling and giggling to myself! Thank you all for working so hard to make it all “perfect”.

Mary I.


Wonderful weekend, but I’m sending the note to the store to extend thanks to your wonderful staff, who made my jaunt two weeks ago – and the results – a jog.

Jane W.

Dear Nita,

I did not get a chance to thank you for the “favor” you gave me on those great shoes and wanted to let you know I really appreciated that. The day was great – your store is beyond fantastic. All the love and hard work you put into it shows in every corner. It is such a pampering experience when I come to see you, all the girls were fantastic and I can’t thank them enough – but please do so for me.  The kids adored the ladies. Your clothes are beyond description. I could easily go bankrupt at Nita’s.  I love the creativity and hard work you put in each piece.  I can’t stop thinking of the cool pant/corset number. And most of all Kaley so thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and the store.  She was truly touched & kept saying that she was so happy for you and all of your accomplishments. Can’t wait to see you again. Take care of yourself.


Dear Nita,

Thank you so much for making me look and feel so beautiful on one of the most special days of my life. Everything was very wonderful but was over too fast – now I feel like Cinderella after the ball, and my prince Harvey is on the road this week, so life is back to reality. But all my beautiful dresses are just waiting for the next exciting occasion, so we’ll just have to keep having parties.

See you soon,
Love Susan

Dear Nita,

Thank you so much for making me an unbelievably gorgeous wedding dress. I came into your store with no direction at all and left as a beautiful bride. You would not believe how many compliments I received. Your staff could not have been more helpful and your seamstress is amazing. I promise to send pictures.

Thanks again,
Alissa K.

Dear Nita,

Thank you for your truly beautiful designs, your patience and all your infinite help beyond closing hours. I wore the paisley jacket and gored long skirt to a lovely Chevy Chase Historical party last Sunday – and it was perfect! The white and black jacket is stunning also and I thank you very much for the new zipper and advise. I certainly shall be in touch. With much much appreciation,

Elinor S.

Dear Nita and all the gals,

I wanted to call you tomorrow but I’m having knee surgery. I had to tell you how gorgeous Sherri looked and how incredible Laurie Ann looked. Wow!  Did you ever do a great job! The Long Island group of friends could not stop raving about the clothes and wanted to know where the girls shopped. Laurie Ann’s weight loss is showing and she seems to feel so good about herself. My sincere thanks to all of you and loads of good luck on the move. Let us know when you are officially in your new “Home”.


P.S. I had to say I looked pretty good too!


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